Illusorya - Stefania Russo - Art Artista - Italy - Dark Gothic
In the North-West Italy, between countryside and woods there is a little haunted mansion. The landlady, Illusorya (previously known as LadyFanhir), lives hidden among dark Emotions and creatures of Oils and Watercolours, sometimes in Digital entity.
Identifying herself with the most elegant and dreamlike forms of the Dark Grotesque, Stefania Russo is an artist who like to represent emotions as "Dark Fairytales", and imprint on paper (or in small treasures, created by her hands) what people would hide in their closet, together with the skeletons.

Her love for art and illustration was born during the adolescence at the Fashion School, where she discovered the world of art, comics and metal music.
Inspired by the great contemporary masters of Fantasy & Gothic, subsequentely the work experience as a restorer of antique furniture, she took the wise decision to leave everything and put herself in the Art Worls, as self-taught.

From that moment Illusorya discovered such stronger passion than that of "simple" drawing and learning what books do not teach: exploring the dark side of the human mind.
Her love for the Macabre easily opens firm doors. Everything that came from mental illness, yearning, paradoxical emotions, up to real attitudes and behaviors at the limit of the grotesque of people and everyday life, personal and non-personal experiences.
In her misanthropy, Illusorya creates seductive works in the eyes of the most inexperienced, to the point of striking in the heart of those who valiantly delve into the details of pencils and watercolors.

Her art has been published in several international publications, like Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Heavy Music Artwork, Avari Magazine, "Pandaemonioum" and "Enchanted" by Out Of Step Books Publishing.
In 2016 she founded, together with the Swedish artist Sandra Hultsved, the online gallery "Memento Tea Gallery" dedicated to the Dark & โ€‹โ€‹Grotesque genre, where national and international painters and sculptors participated in the project. Memento Tea Gallery is currently on hiatus for logistical reasons.

Illusorya works as an indie artist participating in global art projects such as 78 Tarot and Braiiinz! Publishing.
Obviously, she works too on commissions from brave souls who are preparing to show their true face, without a mask, and imprint forever in a deliciously Dark artwork.
Coming out of her haunted mansion from time to time, Illusorya exhibits at international galleries, such as Penumbra Gallery (Lisbon, PORTUGAL), La Luz De Jesus Gallery (Los Angeles, USA) and Tangent Gallery (Detroit, USA).
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Illusorya - Stefania Russo - Dark Gothic Art - Artwork


“Stefania Russo is an Italian self-taught fantasy/gothic traditional artist who creates expressive, powerfully sexual work that combines, sorrow, hunger, lust and strength” - The WallBreakers